“The Diverscity in law event was a fantastic opportunity to hear the stories of inspirational LGBT lawyers but also to gain hugely valuable application coaching and advice. It left me feeling more confident in my applications and in pursuing a career as an LGBT lawyer.” (DiversCity attendee, 2016)

“It was very interesting and inspiring to hear stories of successful professionals within the field, and it made me realise that pursuing a commercial career in the city is much more achievable than I first thought.” (DiversCity attendee, 2016)

“The event challenged and changed my assumptions about what life is like in the city as an LGBT lawyer.” (DiversCity attendee, 2016)

“The best event for getting an insight into a career into commercial law particularly for LGBT community” (DiversCity attendee, 2016)

“As an LGBT individual seeking to enter the legal profession, I found the DiversCity event to be hugely educational, reassuring and a fantastic opportunity to network with inspirational professionals.” (DiversCity attendee, 2015)

“An excellent insight and experience to working in the City as an LGBT individual. Not to be missed!” (DiversCity attendee, 2015)

“My first thought was ‘Woah! I honestly never expected there to be THAT many LGBT lawyers in London.’ It is quite a motivating event to the poor lost souls who worry about the future.” (DiversCity attendee, 2015)

“It was genuinely the first time I felt part of the LGBT community. I knew I could be myself.” (DiversCity attendee, 2015)

“Reminds you that law firms aren’t faceless entities who only take stereotypes; they are interested in working with as many different types of person as possible.” (DiversCity attendee, 2015)

“DiversCity is different from any other networking event I have ever been to. It gives real insight into life as a LGBT City solicitor, with some truly inspiring speakers and stories. I was impressed with the strong sense of solidarity within the LGBT legal profession, as well as the numerous opportunities which, thanks to that same community, were made available to me. Moreover, DiversCity’s mentoring programme is a unique and invaluable resource which was fundamental in helping me to secure a training contract with a top international City firm for 2017.”  (DiversCity attendee, 2014)

“The experience was incredibly rewarding and provided a much clearer insight into working in the City than any previous graduate recruitment event I have attended.” (DiversCity attendee, 2014)

“The event gave me a real and personal insight into the working lives of LGBT lawyers and the ups and downs in the development of their career.” (DiversCity attendee, 2014)

“This event has been an eye-opener. I believe it has provided me the knowledge, confidence and support necessary for a successful career in commercial law.” (DiversCity attendee, 2014)

“This event is invaluable for LGBT candidates. It gives you the insights, networking opportunities and confidence you need to make the most of your training contract applications for leading law firms.” (DiversCity attendee, 2014)

“It was the best careers event that I have been to. I wish I’d had a chance to go to an event like that when I was a teenager. It has definitely increased my confidence to be myself and to pursue a career in law. The icing on the cake is that we have the opportunity to have a mentor.” (DiversCity attendee, 2014)

“I came to the DiversCity event with a lot of doubts and concerns about being a member of LGBT community and pursuing a career as a commercial lawyer in the city. I left the event with the confidence and understanding that being LGBT is no longer a barrier to success, rather it is an asset when building ties and connections with colleagues and clients alike.” (DiversCity attendee, 2014)

“The event made me see that my sexuality could be part of me being a successful lawyer, rather than just a part of me as a person. It made me want to get greater involved in LGBT+ events in my university.” (DiversCity attendee, 2014)