What to expect

The DiversCity in Law event is an annual day long event open to undergraduates who have a genuine interest in gaining a legal career in the city.

Find out what past attendees have said about the DiversCity in Law event.

The day consists of talks from relevant professionals, panel discussions made up of legal professionals, interactive workshops, and numerous networking opportunities.

The programme for the day will be published later in the year.

We hope that by the end of the day attendees will:

  • have heard from a range of different people about their experiences working at city law firms – the good and bad;
  • be corrected on any misconceptions they may have about being LGBT in the city;
  • have been able to speak first hand to LGBT lawyers;
  • encourage more LGBT lawyers to pursue a career in a city law firm;
  • expand their personal networks with like minded people; and
  • ensure the law profession continues to strengthen as an LGBT friendly environment.

This event, set up in 2011 has grown from strength to strength. We now have 15 city law firms involved in DiversCity in Law, representing all different aspects of city law, but all are committed to promoting an inclusive environment for LGBT people.

Click here to find out who is involved in DiversCity in Law.

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