”DiversCity” is a unique recruitment event aimed at raising awareness of pursuing a legal career in the City amongst lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students at degree and postgraduate level. With the slogan ‘Now you are out, let us help you get in’ the DiversCity initiative aims to:

  1. provide a forum to showcase the experiences of successful LGBT lawyers and dispel any misconceptions young LGBT aspiring lawyers may have;
  2. allow students to speak first-hand to LGBT lawyers;
  3. attract LGBT candidates into the law profession;
  4. provide an opportunity for students to build their own personal networks;
  5. build a pipeline of diverse talent for the participating law firms and;
  6. ensure the law profession continues to strengthen as an LGBT friendly environment.

DiversCity was first started to address a recognised need to diversify the legal sector and provide support for LGBT students who felt a lack of confidence in applying to City firms, let alone being out and themselves once they got there.  Most crucially the event and the mentoring scheme are actually making a real difference to the lives and potential careers of young LGBT students.

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