Our success

By attending the annual one-day event, the students were able to:
– combat any misconceptions or out-dated negative perceptions of being LGBT in the City;
– gain more confidence in themselves and in the inclusive nature of the legal sector;
– receive advice on job applications and skills-sessions to prepare them for what is often a very competitive recruitment process and a highly sought after graduate career;
– learn how to address their sexuality/gender identification in a formal work setting; and
– build up their networks with their peers and contacts with a range of key stakeholders.

After the first event in 2011 over 90% of the attendees went on to apply for a position at least one of the sponsoring firms. After our 2015 event 100% of attendees surveyed agreed with the statement ‘on the basis of attending this event I would feel confident about pursuing a career in the City’, whilst 86% said that they would recommend a career in commercial law to their friends and colleagues. In  July 2015, DiversCity in law won the Inclusive Recruitment award at the 2015 ENEI national awards.

The event and the mentoring scheme are actually making a real difference to the lives and potential careers of young LGBT students. For example:
– attendance has significantly increased from previous years (from 40 in 2013 to 200 in 2014);
– increased diversity amongst attendees, in particular more female and BME attendees and speakers;
– increased buy-in from senior officials at the partner firms; and
– successful applications for training contracts made by students following attendance at the DiversCity event.

View our testimonials to read what attendees think of the initiative!

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