Why join?

How do I know I need a mentor?

There are times in life and work when we all benefit from the experience, wisdom and knowledge of people who have been in similar situations. In such circumstances, a mentor’s advice can be invaluable.

By sharing their experiences, mentors can prove very useful in helping you understand the legal market, how large law firms in the city operate, on what basis decision-making occurs, and what support networks exist.

If you are asking yourself any of the following questions, you are likely to benefit from the guidance of a DiversCity mentor:

  1. “Is a legal career right for me?
  2. “What is life like as an LGBT lawyer at a City firm?”
  3. “What steps should I be taking now to prepare for the recruitment process?”
  4. “How can I get, and make the most of, vacation placements?”
  5. “Should I be ‘in’ or ‘out’ during the recruitment process/at work/ with clients? Does it matter?”
  6. “How do I know a firm is right for me?”
  7. “What is the work/life balance of a legal career?”


Benefits of joining the DiversCity in Law mentoring scheme

  1. Mentoring can help focus your career objectives and turn them into realistic goals
  2. Your mentor can help you work out where you currently are in your career path, and what your next steps should be
  3. Mentoring can help you gain confidence, in yourself and in speaking to those already in a legal career
  4. Mentoring is confidential. The mentor offers a safe environment for the mentee to voice their concerns
  5. Your mentor can provide you with constructive feedback
  6. Your mentor can provide you with reassurance for any concerns you might have about being LGBT in the workplace

To take part in this mentoring scheme, you will need to attend the day long DiversCity in Law event in November 2018.

At this event you will gain a better understanding of the legal sector and what it’s like to be LGBT in the city, which will help you with working out what sort of mentoring support you’d value.

For more information about the event please click here.

For more information about the mentoring scheme please click here.

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